How To Take Your Power Back


In these times of uncertainty, fear, and change it is easy to slip into a lower vibration and a state of victimhood. Mainstream media, the news, social media, the collective anxiety and negativity can affect us directly. However, there is a way to not only take your power back, but also to soar into new heights and make your confidence and strength unshakable. Using the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz and Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I have created the below guide to help us all take our power back.

Harness the Power of Four:

Don Miguel Ruiz published his best seller book “The Four Agreements” in 1997. Since then, his book has sparked a neo shamanic revolution. His book teaches four core principles (agreements) which are intended to help the individual break free from drama, troubles, misunderstandings, fear and suffering.

  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word: The universe is listening and takes everything you say very seriously. We create magic with our words. You can create the perfect reality with your positive speaking.
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally:  Do not appropriate and take to heart another’s opinions, beliefs, or judgements about you. Realize that we are all living in our own reality. We often reflect our own inner image onto others. These are simply projections that have nothing to do with the truth. Keep this in mind, and nothing anyone else says or does will have the power to touch or affect you.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions: Always speak clearly and ask exactly for what you want. When in doubt, ask for clarification. May of our dramas, fights, and quarrels are direct results of innocent misunderstandings. Express your self and open up to understanding others.
  4. Always Do Your Best: Somedays we are on our “A” game and others we can barely roll out of bed. That is fine. Do not burden yourself if you are having a difficult day. Always do your best in all situations, actions and relationships. You will never regret anything or develop incompletions, self-doubt or self hate.

The Four Tattvas that Lead to Power and Enlightenment:

Enlightened Master Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda teaches that when we practice the four principles of AIRE we will develop remarkable confidence, power, strength, and ultimately achieve living enlightenment.

  1. Authenticity- Operate at peak capacity: Be authentic in everything that you do. When who you think you are matches who you project to others you become complete and powerful. Sometimes we may be meek and quiet on the inside but loud and boisterous in front of others. This leads to self-doubt and hate. We loose our identity, and fall into confusion. Align to your ideal image. Strive to become the best version of yourself both inside and out.
  2. Integrity- Always do what you say and fulfill all commitments: When you set a goal follow trough and achieve it! If you make a commitment, fulfill it. Be on time. Give it your all in all aspects of life. Living with integrity creates unshakable confidence because it leads you to believe in you. When you finish what you start and follow trough on all of your promises you become powerful. Anything you say becomes a reality and you can easily manifest and attract anything. The universe rewards your integrity with wisdom, power and strength.
  3. Responsibility- Acknowledge that you are the source of everything: You created your reality. All the good, bad, and in between is a result of all of your choices, decisions, actions and inaction. Take the responsibility for your life. When you take responsibility you empower yourself to find solutions and re-write your life. Accept that you alone are responsible for your happiness. Do not allow yourself to fall into a victim mentality. All the fortune and misfortune you experience is directly caused by you.
  4. Enriching- Share, teach, grow and help others expand: Share your knowledge and enrich others with your positivity. When you help others grow and expand it helps the collective vibration and well-being of our planet. Act with integrity and responsibility to elevate others to a powerful state.

Three foolproof ways to quickly manifest anything you want and own your life:

  1. Start your day between the hours of 4:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M. – This time is referred to as BrahmaMuhurta in Vedic texts and Ayurvedic philosophy. During this time our environment is calm, peaceful and relaxed. It allows us to focus, learn, meditate, envision, plan, and manifest what we want in life. The early bird doesn’t just get the worm, he creates it!
  2. Exercise and express your creativity: An active person who is always in a creative state will not engage in violent or negative behavior towards himself or others. By creating and actively enjoying life we will not be bogged down by anxiety, depression, or illness. Living joyfully attracts wealth, abundance, love and creates synchronizities that lead us to achieve that which we seek. Swamiji Nithyananda teaches that we should always say YES to life.
  3. Use Will Persistence not Will Power: Will Persistence is setting a goal and using not only your will, but also your persistence, to achieve it. Do not give up if your actions do not provide immediate results. Be persistent. Always striving and moving forward no matter what circumstances may arise. When you decide you want something don’t stop until you achieve it. Will power happens out of arrogance and ego. We constrict the flow of life. We cannot force things to be. Our failures will only lead to frustration, and ultimately defeat. Will arrogance happens when we get frustrated and blame external factors for our failures. We say negative things like “This is not for me”or  “I am not made for this” as a poor excuse for our lack of persistence and integrity. Practice will persistence to overcome any obstacles.

There are many other wonderful teachings by various masters that can help us live a better life. The ones I have specified have literally changed my life and transformed me into a stronger and happier person. Study, practice, and follow these principles and you will understand that no obstacle or set back can stop you from achieving your goals. Own you life. Reclaim your power, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will raise you to higher levels of consciousness. Turn off the TV and reclaim your inner space. Aspire to become the highest version of yourself .

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