Spotlight: A Spiritual Chat With Jennifer Del Risco Peña

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 The following is an inspirational interview with Colombia native Jennifer Del Risco Peña. Jen has opened up about her aspirations, spiritual growth, and how she is constantly evolving as a strong spiritual seeker and devotee. She is an online marketer, and has offered some valuable advice for aspiring bloggers, influencers, and social media icons.
Q: Please describe yourself and what do you do.
A: I’m an online marketer and I have been working on this area for 6 years. What I do varies on my client’s necessities, but it’s basically to help them understand the digital landscape, how they can fit in it, and come up with strategies that help them gain visibility and improve conversions (most of the time this means sales or leads).
Q: How did you begin your spiritual journey? What are your current aspirations and goals (both professional and spiritual).
A: My spiritual journey started when I was a teenager, I grew up in Colombia which is a catholic country and had the fortune to go to a non-religious school through pre-school and elementary school. Sadly, when I was about to start middle school my family moved and I had to attend an all girls Catholic school managed by nuns. Let me tell you, it was not fun. This change forced me to get more in touch with Catholicism and the church. Religion was a mandatory subject in class, and we had to do morning prayer and go to mass at the chapel at school. Nedless to say, I wasn’t too happy about this. They had all the stuffy customs and vague answers to my questions. At age 14 I “rebelled” and started looking into other faiths as I was dissatisfied with my own.
This lead me to a  Christian/protestant Church which I attended for about 2 years, and although less “stuffy”, it still didn’t give me the answers I was looking for. After all that fiasco and disappointment with religion in general, I adopted an agnostic point of view. I did believe in a God and a greater creator, I couldn’t just settle for what surrounded me.
For years and well into my 20’s, after a few ups and downs, and a short affair with Buddhism (Which I still find is a beautiful philosophy). Finally, I found Hinduism and Swamiji through YouTube. The rest as they say, is history.
My spiritual goals are to be able to meet Swamiji soon, and attend IA. Afterwards, as an IA graduate, stay in the ashram for 3 months.
As a professional I want to consolidate my business this year, and grow it to the point where I can generate jobs and help others to get a good stable jobs. Giving others the opportunities I got when I was just starting out with work. Most importantly, I want to be financially sound to the point that my mom can finally retire from a job that is making her sick.
Q: What would you say is the most (or one of the most) important lessons you have learned in your spiritual journey?
A: I’m am the source of everything in my life. This means everything good and bad that has happened to me has been created by me. This was a major click in my life, as it forced me to get a better understanding of ME. All the good and all the bad. It forced me to change and improve all the negative things. I consider myself a perpetual work in progress.

Q:Please share one of your favorite mystical experiences
A: Every meditation is that much stronger since finding Swamiji. All my anxieties are basically gone. All that sadness inside me has almost disappeared. I’m a much happier person, which just a year ago seemed like and impossible feat. I haven’t met Swamiji yet, and I haven’t been initiated by him, but I’m still able to see through my third eye when I’m watching his videos. For example, let’s say I have a YouTube video, and I close my eyes for a little bit to focus on the power of his words, and then suddenly, I find myself watching his silhouette and seeing him move with my eyes closed! Also, I find myself thinking of Him or other deities and suddenly smelling flowers around me where there is none 🙂
Q: What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers or influencers for marketing and running their website.
A: For anyone starting a Blog or an online business I have a few pieces of advice:
– It is cliché, but it’s so valuable: Make sure that you are doing what you love. This is because over the years I’ve seen multiple bloggers or other companies starting because of a trend and not because their heart is in it. After a while, they get bored with this ,and abandon their projects. Sometimes even when they are very profitable! Or even worse, because they are profitable they are stuck doing something they don’t like, and sometimes hate.
– Research, Research Research! Look at your competitors see what they are doing. Learn from their mistakes and their successes. Look at the environment/community around the particular subject you want to blog about and find a different way to approach it. Get yourself involved in the community, be active in forums, YouTube videos comments, other blogs and any other places relevant to that community.
– Stick to your values: More often than not you will be approached by companies looking for you to sponsor their products.  Although it’s very tempting, make sure to only accept sponsorships of products and services you yourself would use. Your followers will appreciate that.
– If possible buy a domain and hosting and start blogging on a site. There are a lot of free resources that can help those that are not too tech savvy. This is better in the long run, but if you have no budget you can start on a blogger or blog.
Q: Why did you get into marketing? What has been your experience in the field like?
A: I studied Advertising & Marketing at University here in Colombia, I had to help my parents pay for my tuition, and thanks to my English skills I was able to find jobs in American Companies based here in my area of study even though I didn’t have a degree. This opened a big doors for me professionally as Digital Marketing wasn’t a thing yet here in my home country, and I wasn’t being taught that subject in University. This gave me an advantage over my peers, and in some cases teachers and professionals in my area. 

This opportunity also created a very unique environment for me, as I surrounded myself with the startup/tech scene where I learned much more than I ever did at school. It showed me that entrepreneurialism was an option for myself, and although being your own boss is sometimes hard, it is very rewarding. Thanks to it I have learned so much more.

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