Saying Yes To Life and Experiencing Oneness 


The concept of “Oneness” is a deep spiritual quest that many of us seek to experience to achieve enlightenment and self realization. However, for some it is merely a trending topic and a popular hashtag.

The revival of the New Age movement and western popularization of Yoga has resurfaced and popularized an interest in all things sacred, mystical and divine. The concept of oneness is constantly mentioned, scrutinized, examined and commented on. It seems like everyone has an opinion about what oneness is and thus it has become fashionable and socially expected for one to claim we are “all one”, to give “equality to all” and to fight tooth and nail against injustice because “All lives matter”.

However, one has to seriously look inside and ask: Am I really passionate about oneness? Have a ever truly experienced it? Most importantly do I really want to feel like I am one with everything and everyone?

This video talks about why we should always say yes to life. Why we should open ourselves to experiencing others and new experiences. How to expand and experience oneness, and the importance of understanding oneness in our spiritual growth and development.

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