How To Use A Pendulum


A pendulum is a small weighted object (usually a crystal, stone, or pendant) on a string or chain. It is used to aid in divination and to tap into the subconscious bringing forward answers and clarifying doubts. It can also be used as a scrying tool to find water and minerals underground. The main function of the pendulum is to answer “Yes” or “No” questions. Alone, or in conjunction with other divination tools it can be a powerful ally to increase intuition, connect with the higher self (as well as guides or entities), and to boost your own confidence.

Decisions, Decisions:

The first step to working with a pendulum is to choose the right one. The simple act of being curious and having a desire to own one, is an indication that your subconscious is ready to express itself and communicate freely. Pendulums come in many shapes, sizes, and variations. You can make your own by attaching an earring or paperclip to a string. However, I do not encourage you to use synthetic materials for spiritual use. There is more power and beauty in the exchange of energy between you and a living, sentient and intelligent being, such as a gemstone or crystal. Read my article titled “Why Work With Crystals And How To Choose The Right One” to gain some insight about how to intuitively choose crystals for spiritual work.


Choose a pendulum that is not too heavy or bulky for this may disturb the flow and sway.

If you feel that you need help opening your channels of communication, I recommend that you purchase a pendulum made of Kyanite, Turquoise, or Prehnite. These stones are perfect for releasing blockages related to communication. If you wish to amplify your intuition and connect trough your crown or third eye chakra, then pick one made out of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Labradorite. Have fun and choose wisely. Your pendulum can become a trusted advisor and a tool to help you achieve deep levels of self discovery and understanding.


Prehnite helps open the channels of communication.

Testing: 1, 2, 3

Now that you have a pendulum, the next step is to cleanse, program, and test it.  With constant use and close contact, your pendulum will become an extension of you. Therefore, it is important to first clear out any unwanted energies that may be attached to it. If you are not sure about how to do this, check out my article “How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals“.  Next, program your pendulum by specifying what each direction it swings in signifies. For Example: “YES” could be swinging to the right and “NO” to the left. “MAYBE” could be swinging in circles. Whatever you choose, make sure to solidify it in your mind. Do not change the directions or meaning because this will only cause confusion and frustration.

To test your pendulum begin in a meditative state. This means sitting or standing comfortably, your mind and gaze relaxed. Do not think about “Which way will the pendulum go?” or “Does this crap really work?”. Just let your energy flow. A pendulum works by tapping into your subconscious, so please make sure to turn of your conscious mind and ego. Hold the pendulum in your non dominant hand. Let the base hang loosely and motionless. Ask a simple question that you know the answer to like “Is my name Alma?” or “Did I have strawberries for breakfast?”. Relax, let your own subtle energy initiate the movement. It may take a couple of seconds for a reaction. This is because your pendulum is not yet synchronized with your own energy. Be patient. If you do not experience immediate results do not be discouraged. It takes practice and a little bit of effort to enter a completely relaxed state that allows the subconscious to express itself. Keep practicing, ask questions several times a day and carry your pendulum with you as much as possible. Some pendulums are very pretty and can be worn as jewelry. See the below images for some pieces from my own store.


Amethyst and Clear Quartz Pendulum. Click on the image to purchase on Etsy.
Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Moon Stone are gentle stones that can enhance your self esteem, divine connection and Feminine energy and intuition.

Hands On Training:

Once you feel confident and in tune with your pendulum you can move on to divining and asking more complex questions.  You can use tarot cards, charts, and comparative objects together with the pendulum for deeper explanations. For example. You can do a simple two card spread to ask for messages from your guides (In the image below, I used the Ascended Masters Oracle deck to ask “What is the message of the day”). You can create charts in which you list specific options to answer your question. For example, say you want to find out what obstacles are keeping you from achieving a goal. You can list the obstacles in a pie chart, and ask the pendulum to point to the specific one holding you back. Another way to clear doubts is to use objects or photos that you need to pick from, and ask the pendulum to help you decide which one is best for you. This can be as simple as asking “Which shirt should I wear” (place each one separate and opposite of each other) or something more difficult such as “Which house should I buy” or “Which candidate should I hire”.


Draw a chart with the options you need help deciding on.

When making these type of decisions use not only your own common sense and intelligence, but also your intuition and internal guidance. The pendulum can tap into that deep wisdom that can sometimes be pushed back by our own excitement and impulsiveness.

Sometimes we tend to get carried away by our own emotions. A good example of that is buying a used car that you think is a great deal, and letting yourself be pushed into making the decision by a cunning and deceptive salesman, all while neglecting to notice small imperfections, loopholes in the contract, and hidden costs or fees. Tapping into your subconscious and relaxing the active mind will prevent you from being easily swayed. Your pendulum can direct you towards making the best decision.


Use common sense, intelligence, intuition and your internal guidance to always make the best decisions in your life.


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