How to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals


If you are new to working with Crystals a most common question is what do I do with them? How do I handle and care? The following  explains the first two steps to follow when obtaining a new crystal: Cleansing and charging. 

What is cleansing and why should I do it?

Cleansing means clearing out and removing any unwanted energies from your crystal. Before a crystal or stone reaches you it is handled by many different persons. Each hand that touches it deposits it’s own energy. Crystals and stones hold, absorb and radiate energy. Before working with a new crystal is is very important to clear any unwanted energies so that you can use it as a blank canvas. Before employing any of the methods below please google and research the properties of each crystal to make sure it will not be damaged by the cleansing methods below.

There are different methods for clearing energy. The most common method is cleansing with sage or incense smoke. Light an incense stick (frankincense or sandalwood are good for it) or a sage smudging stick, and fan the smoke towards your Crystals. Allow the smoke to penetrate and encircle the crystal. Recite a prayer, incantation or chant while you visualize white light flooding the crystal. Maintain a space of peace and positivity as you perform this action.

The second cleansing method I offer is burying your stone or crystal in salt or underground in dirt. Salt is A purifying agent. Place your crystal in a small bowl and sprinkle salt on top to completely cover it. Also you can bury the crystal in dirt on a flowerpot or garden. Leave the crystal there for at least 24 hours up to a week. 

Cleansing by water is another easy and effective method. If you live by a large body of water such as a creek, river, or lake pack your crystals in a drawstring pouch and submerge them underwater while you recite a prayer and visualize the cleansing and purification. 

You can also submerge your crystal in a container filled with rain water or artisan / filtered water. Do not use fluoridated tap water. 

Crystals cleansed and charged with fresh river water.

Charging a Crystals: Why and how

Over time you may start to notice that your favorite crystals may look a bit dull and their energy feel a bit “blah”. Because crystals absorb and emanate energy they may need a break to re-boost. 

The full moon radiates strong energy that re-charges and heals your crystals. Cleanse your crystals a night before full moon, and on full moon place them in a place where the direct light will beam over them. While placing the crystals recite a prayer and light a white candle to invoke the moon’s energies. 

Some of my crystals catching a bit of Vitamin Sunshine.

Charging by sunlight is also efficient, however direct sunlight can cause discoloration and cracking to your stones and crystals. Do not place them under the sunlight for prolonged periods or under extreme heat. 

Certain crystals, generators, grids, and large clusters can also charge other crystals. Selenite is a great crystal for charging and healing your crystals. To do so, place your crystals or jewelry on top or next to the selenite, recite a prayer and visualize white light flooding the pieces. 

To learn more about cleansing and charging crystals watch the video below.

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