Spring is here and to celebrate the beautiful colors and playfulness of the season, I have introduced new designs to my Etsy shop. Check out some of my favorites here! Click on the thumbnails to be directed to the item listing on my store.   Read more…


Positivity is not a title or a profession that one can “be”. We cannot “be” positive like one can be a Doctor or a Plumber. That is because positivity it is a subjective state of mind that everyone experiences differently.


Sharing this interview I did with Pol Cousineau for The Spiritual Voice. We talked about Inner Awakening, Kundalini, Third Eye, Healing, and sooooo much more! Click on the link above to listen  


Exactly a year ago I enrolled in a 21 day meditation program called Inner Awakening. The program took place in Bangalore India at an Adheenam (a combination of monastery, school, and Temple) and was directed by a Guru named Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The program was an Read more…

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