Can You Feel The Power Of Crystals?

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Is crystal energy real? Can one actually feel a stone’s power? If so how does it feel? Read on to learn more on how to tap into the power of crystals.

Yes, I really can physically feel the power of crystals. As I type this article, I have a piece of Shattuckite placed on my forehead, right over my third eye. Sure, it looks silly, but it helps me concentrate and keeps the flow of communication open. Physically, my brow feels tingly and my senses feel sharper, like I just had a small cup of coffee.

These two miniatures pack a big punch! Shattuckite and Moldavite

By wearing crystals and stones on your body you too can become sensitive to their energy and enjoy the benefits that they may offer. If you have not yet experienced a physical or emotional response from your stones do not give up yet. Read on to learn about how to become aligned and in tune with the energy and vibrations of stones and crystals.

Choosing “The One”. 

The first contact with a crystal will be made when you see it. It is commonly believed that “the crystal chooses you” and yes, that is the truth. A crystal or stone may come into your life in mundane, as well as extraordinary ways. Always at the exact time in your life when you need it. By mundane, I mean visiting your local crystal shop or online store, casually browsing and then; BAM! You spot an irresistible piece. You feel drawn and uncontrollably attracted to it. You want it now! If you do not buy it, you keep thinking about it until you finally give in.

A more adventurous way to come across a crystal buddy can be finding one in a random spot, a friend gifting you one, or a total stranger walking up to you and saying “This is meant for you”. Yes, as strange as it sounds that really does happen. The universe has many ways of helping you and making things happen when you need it.

Feeling Connection: Let’s get physical.

When you spot a stone or crystal that you feel attracted to, pick it up and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Close your eyes and try to clear your thoughts. You might feel a bit of heat generating, some tingling or pulsations, your heart rate accelerating, or some churning in your stomach. Some people experience dizziness, or may feel light headed  when handling high vibrational stones like Moldavite.

Perhaps, you may see colors or images in your inner vision. You may feel happy, excited, or peaceful. These are all indications that the crystal is a match for you and that it has opened up to you. Crystals and stones are intelligent, living beings. They hold wisdom and can willingly teach you. When you establish a feeling connection with them they can become powerful allies in your spiritual journey.

BFF: Building a relationship, and setting an intention with your crystals.  

Before you begin to bond and work with a new piece first cleanse it. Some crystals like Kyanite do not need cleansing while many others do. There are several ways to “cleanse” which is clearing out unwanted energies stored in the crystal. You can bury it in salt or soil, soak or place it under filtered running water. Alternatively, you can smudge it with sage or incense. Before doing any of these actions please google information about your crystal and what are safe methods for cleaning it. Some crystals will dissolve in water and others may crack if exposed to heat.

While I strongly advise that you do a little bit of research on the properties and care pertaining to your crystal and/ or stone, you do not need to memorize the entire Crystal Bible to feel and connect with it’s energies. Actually, I feel it is more fun to buy a piece that calls me, connect with it, experience it’s energy, and then read up on it and compare if what I feel matches with the properties described in writting.

Once you have cleansed your crystal, sit in a meditative state. Quiet your mind and try to clear your thoughts. Hold your crystal in your non- dominant hand for a couple of minutes. Observe how you feel. Do you notice anything? Next, ask the crystal to please wake up. To reveal its name and any information it wishes to share with you. Hold it up to your third eye. Allow for the communication to flow.

Next, hold the crystal in your dominant hand. Introduce yourself, welcome it to into your life. Ask for help with your spiritual growth and development. If you purchased the crystal with a specific intention (for example a rose quartz to attract romance) express your desire to it.  Talk to the crystal like you would to your best friend. Tell it what your situation is. What  you want to achieve, and how it can help you. Hold the crystal to your heart chakra and visualize yourself radiating a warm golden light. Inhale deeply and exhale gratitude, love, and peace. Picture yourself bonding and merging with the crystal’s energies.

For the next couple of days carry your crystal with you or place it close to your workstation, or on your nightstand. Treat the crystal like you would treat a beloved friend. Respect it, care for it, and spend time with it. As your relationship develops with the crystals and stones, the stronger the telepathic and physical connection to it will be.

Although all of the crystals pictured here are from the Amethyst family, you can see they each have unique markings and a personality of their own.


Do not expect anything from your crystal friends. Instead, welcome whatever they may attract for you. Pay attention to the lessons they can teach. As you obtain more pieces, you will notice each one has a personality of its own. On certain days you may feel “called” by certain pieces and you will want to carry them with you. Do not be surprised if after some time they begin to reveal shocking information. For example, I was gifted a large Agate for my birthday. That night I dreamed about it. I was told her name was “Lola”. I woke up happy and excited about the revelation. When I approached Lola she seemed to be glowing beautifully and I knew she truly had communicated with me that night.



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To learn more about crystals and stones I strongly recommend that you watch the short movie below. It is both cute and informative!

Scene from Spirit Science 13- The Crystal Movie.

Spirit Science 13- The Crystal Movie

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