Spring is here and to celebrate the beautiful colors and playfulness of the season, I have introduced new designs to my Etsy shop. Check out some of my favorites here! Click on the thumbnails to be directed to the item listing on my store.   Read more…


Last month I embarked on a solo trip to Europe and experienced many spiritual truths. I created this video to share the experience and understandings I gained. Check out some photos of the trip and below the gallery is the video. To learn more about Read more…


The concept of “Oneness” is a deep spiritual quest that many of us seek to experience to achieve enlightenment and self realization. However, for some it is merely a trending topic and a popular hashtag. The revival of the New Age movement and western popularization Read more…


Positivity is not a title or a profession that one can “be”. We cannot “be” positive like one can be a Doctor or a Plumber. That is because positivity it is a subjective state of mind that everyone experiences differently.

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